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Pure wines from the peaks


Always famous for the quality of its Premier Cru wines, Cumières has nothing to be ashamed of in comparison to its famous neighbour Hautvillers. Its Latin etymology (culmen merum) means “the pure wine of the summit”, isn’t it? In the prized area of “la Grande” Vallée de la Marne, our lands are composed of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier for the most part, and of Chardonnay in a very small part. However, the delicacy of this last grape variety has been preferred by our grandfather Eugène and it became our beloved one.

More than
50 plots

Cumières is naturally predominant in our vineyard that is composed of a little more than 15 hectares, divided into more than 50 plots. As an illustration of a great plot strategy, our family vines are about 30 years of age and are the reflection of our attachment to an area classified as Premier Cru. A culture of excellence resulting in the gradual substitution of the Pinot Meunier grape variety by the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir, that we consider more qualitative.

The hillsides with the best exposure

We have decided to opt for vines with the least grapes and for hillsides with the best exposure, to let our grapes give their best. Helped by our skilful and specialised team, we are determined to combine ecological concern and economic rationality through the “Haute Valeur Environnementale” (High Environmental Value) certification. This concern is illustrated by an adapted care of the vine, naturally covered with grass and supervised thanks to weather stations. This improving process has a specific objective: bring the carefully selected plots of excellence to light.


Performance at the service of the requirement

Let the grapes ripen

Let the grapes ripen in the best conditions to give them the space needed to reveal themselves. This is a certitude for us who dedicate the same importance to the work of the land as to the work of the wine. All our juices are pressed plot by plot, by grape variety and by village and are 100% extracted from the first pressing.

Our qualitative philosophy results in a rigorous selection beforehand. For all of our plots, only the best exposed mid-slopes will be kept, as well as the Premier Cru villages, represented by Cumières and Hautvillers. As for the pressing, 38 hl out of 41 hl are kept, in a voluntary premium approach. By excluding these 2 hl, our estate is sure to have the best of the second pressing, resulting in a clear difference during tasting.


We keep this approach in our historical winery, where we have chosen to only select the best of the first pressing. Consequently, we have decided to avoid the thermo-regulation which, according to us, would equalise our wines rather than letting them evolve with various shades. Thus, even if all of our range is vinified in stainless steel vats, a part of our Blanc de Noirs and Blanc de Blancs age in the casks coming from our forests of Cumières. Another family tradition is that 4 of our Champagnes are Millésimes, which show the importance we dedicate to our stocks of reserve wines.

viticulture & Vinification

A wine experience off the beaten track

It is only natural for us to propose you the best Champagne when we have the best terroir. Driven by our love for Cumières, our family’s cradle for 5 generations, it will be a pleasure for us to open the doors of our estate and welcome you.


We are very happy to offer you a discovery within our family universe, through an atypical œnological experience. Specifically qualified for their high taste characteristics, these cuvées composing our range contribute to improve it and to refine it from generation to generation.

Veuve Maitre Geoffroy's Champagne Range

Carte Rouge

33 % made with Chardonnay
33 % made with Pinot Noir
33 % made with Pinot Meunier

60 % made with Chardonnay
40 % made with Pinot Noir

60 % made with Pinot Noir
40 % made with Chardonnay with an addition of Red Cumières

50 % made with Pinot Noir
50 % made with Pinot Meunier

100 % made with Chardonnay, 50 % of which are matured in oak casks coming from our forests of Cumières

100 % made with Pinot Noir, vinified and matured in barrel

A still wine produced from our old vines of Cumières, aged in barrels.