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A house was born

Another great Lady of Champagne

Our great great-grandmother, Nathalie Geoffroy is at the heart of the Estate Veuve Maitre-Geoffroy’s history. She was married to Edmont Maitre and together they created the beginnings of the Estate Maitre-Geoffroy in Cumières in 1878… In 1896, the estate took the name “Veuve Maitre-Geoffroy” when our paternal great great-grandfather passed away.

An administrative & symbolic change

This change was both administrative and symbolic because in these times it already took courage to reconcile family life and career. Like these great ladies who went down in the Vineyard history, Nathalie faced up to it and hold on the estate that represented 3 hectares of vines in Cumières, Hautvillers and surroundings. Helped by her children, she has a feeling that her youngest son Jules, our great-grandfather, had the willingness to continue the family history in turn. Champagne wine broker, he gave our estate the impulsion to grow, finding new outlets for the cuvées Carte Blanche, Carte Rouge and Carte Noire.


The grandfather

As for his son Eugène, our grandfather, he stood out by his strength of character and his sense for strategy and decided to increase the sales volume and to expand the estate to the villages of Cumières, Hautvillers and Damery. Unlike some of his colleagues who went to conquer other terroirs, Eugène preferred to bet on the family lands and was interested in leading the prestige of the Premier Cru area to the highest level. The rise of the Champagne activity of these times gave him the opportunity to act freely.


The father's arrival

The arrival of our father, Thierry, helped by our mother, Marie-Annick has been the driving force in the expansion of our estate which counts 18 hectares today. At the same time, the Champagne commercialisation has been extremely successful with around 60,000 bottles distributed in France for the most part, to professional or private clients. Attached to the land and to his profession, Thierry patiently made his family heritage grow with one thing in mind. Prepare the transition to even better pass down this precious heritage to the new generation that we are today.


Family sens

Maintaining the same brand name, to better pass on its heritage and see it grow. Strong believes to Thierry and Marie-Annick that they were keen to pass on to Maxime, Pauline and now Ophélie.


After a vocational diploma (BEP) in Viticulture and Oenology, a technical college baccalaureate specialised in Farm Management and a commercial HND, I have trained myself during a long time to prepare my arrival in the estate. Attached to our heritage, I did my best to develop our lands over the 3 villages of Cumières/Hautvillers/Damery, to continue the family strategy. Passionate about hunting and football, I share the values of tactical intelligence and festive celebration. My aim is: To develop our export sales, to give our brand a transnational recognition.


Administrative and financial Manager

I am Maxime’s younger sister and I have studied in university in Business and Administration Management, before going to Ireland to improve my English skills. After an experience in several Houses of Champagne, I am placing today my expertise and skilfulness at the service of our estate. Passionate about the piano and running that I practise in a club, I am very determined to exercise relational and commercial functions. My watchword is: Strengthen the reputation of our family brand.



Marketing and Communication Manager

I am Maxime’s wife and the mother of our son, Louis. I come from the village of Igny-Comblizy, famous for its agricultural land, near Dormans. Passionate about the history of our estate, I naturally joined the family adventure to play my part. Being challenger deep down, I have the willingness to push on the commercial development of our brand in France and abroad. My best skills are: Curiosity, perfectionism and a sense for the organisation.